Paris is without doubt one of my favourite photography locations. The area along the River Seine in particular is particularly attractive to the cityscape photographer. The Seine is lined by some magnificent architecture from several different eras not to mention the beautiful bridges which cross the river. By day, the quays of the Seine are striking, by night, they are spectacular. The city of Paris at night seems made for photography. The photographs in this article were taken on the same chilly October night. Both photographs, use the Pont des Arts as foreground interest but each is taken from opposite sides of the bridge.

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Paris at Night - Ile de la Cite and Pont des Arts

Ile de la Cite and Pont des Arts / Paris at Night

f16    -    20 secs    -    iso 100    -    70 mm

This photograph was taken from the corner of the Pont de Carrousel by the Louvre Museum. The Pont des Arts Bridge can be seen in the foreground while the oldest bridge in Paris, The Pont Neuf, can just be seen in the distance linking the Ile de la Cite to the left and Right Banks of the Seine. The towers of Notre Dame Cathedral can be seen to the right along the with the spire of the Sainte Chapelle while the conical towers of the Conciergerie are visible to the far left of the island. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful view points in the city of Paris. I have used a focal length of 70mm in order to compress the perspective between the various elements of the scene. Notre Dame cathedral for example is about 2km away yet seems much closer.

Paris at Night - The Left Bank of the Seine

Left Bank of the Seine / Paris at Night

f14    -    30 secs    -    iso 100    -    64 mm

Once again, the Pont des Arts occupies the foreground of this photograph but this time, from the opposite side. For this photograph, I set up my tripod on the Pont Neuf and framed the area along the famous Left Bank of the Seine. As the sun had recently set behind the area I was shooting, the sky was filled with a combination of amber, pink and violet hues. Although it is quite some distance away, the Eiffel Tower dominates this scene as it rises above the buildings lining the river. The Musée d’Orsay can be seen to the right. This former railway station now houses some of the most famous Impressionist paintings in the world.

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